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Best time to visit Serengeti

It is possible to visit Serengeti all year round, we have provided you with advantage and disadvantages of each season below -June or July offer the great views as the bushes are short and animals gather in the water holes making spotting easier.

Best time to visit Serengeti


  • January-Februaryfor the wildebeest calving (babies),
  • June-September for general wildlife viewing with a chance of seeing the wildebeest crossing of the Grumeti River
  • July – The Serengeti will be crowded around the Central areas
  • April and May– low season – no crowd, best hotel rates
  • June to October –  (Little to no rainfall) this is the best time
  • March and April – (Peak of wet season) best hotel rates but long bushes and some areas are not accessible.

In General June to October is the Dry Season and best months to visit Tanzania and November to May is Wet Season and the most interesting thing is wildebeest calving in Late January to February.


June and July are the best months to see the wildebeest migration in the western corridor. Best time to visit Serengeti.
Animals are easier to spot since they concentrate around waterholes and rivers and the vegetation is less thick.
It is mostly sunny and there is very little rain.
There are very few mosquitoes and the chance of catching malaria is minimal. Best time to visit Serengeti.
The park gets quite crowded around the Seronera area.
Mornings and nights get cold. It’s recommended to bring warm clothing for early morning game drives from June to August.


Late January to February is the time to see the calving in the southern Serengeti. This is an excellent time to see predator action. The scenery is lush. Best time to visit Serengeti.

April and May are low season, so it’s usually less crowded and rates might be less. Best time to visit Serengeti.
Although wildlife is easier to spot in the dry season, the Serengeti offers good game viewing throughout the year.

Migratory birds are present and bird watching is at its best. Except for March, April and May, rains are mostly short afternoon storms and seldom interfere with your trip. March to May is the peak of the wet season.