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Getting into Tanzania

Getting into Tanzania can be by flights, boat or drive. Most people fly into the country and will arrive in either Kilimanjaro international airport (KIA) or Dar es Salaam international airport (DAR). Below are more information about getting to Tanzania and entry requirement. Getting into Tanzania. Getting into Tanzania.


On this page you will find advice on the various landing spots you can fly to when you want to join the Serengeti Joy Tours. The major airlines flying into Tanzania include KLM.

Entry Requirement

TO TANZANIA. Getting into Tanzania.

Tanzania has two international airports, Kilimanjaro International Airport ( KIA) and Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR).

For example: twice a day two direct flights operated by KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) depart from Amsterdam to both airports.

Less expensive alternative: fly to Nairobi, Kenya; continue with a shuttle bus to Tanzania. Getting into Tanzania.

You can book a return flight from New York JFK Airport directly to Kilimanjaro International Airport. The prices for a return flight for these destinations mostly start at about US$ 1,600.

If you want to save money it might be wiser to fly to/from the Kenyan capital city Nairobi instead. A return flight from London or Amsterdam to Nairobi is available from about US$ 940.

Getting into Tanzania


From Nairobi Airport shuttle buses with air conditioning drive to Moshi in half a day for US$ 50 (return). These buses depart every day at 8.15am and at 2.15pm from Nairobi airport. Keep in mind that you’ll need a transit-visa for Kenya (€ 50) which can be arranged at the airport of Nairobi in your Kenya or at the Embassy of Kenya in your country. Getting into Tanzania.

If you book your tickets early, the rates will be lower. Until the moment you actually book a flight, the rates can still change.

Note: always check the availability of the hotel and the climb date before you officially book a flight! Getting into Tanzania


You are free to book your flights on the internet or through your local travel agent. Try to compare the different rates of companies and stops in between. See if there are differences if you fly via London (UK) or Frankfurt (Germany) and if it’s cheaper to fly to Nairobi (Kenya) instead of straight to Kilimanjaro International Airport (Tanzania). You decide. You book.

If you can find the right rates for the right dates, then check with Serengeti Joy Tours if there is availability at the hotel in Moshi and if there is a climb available. We always try to confirm this within 48 hours (Monday to Saturday), so you can book your flights and finish your booking of the Serengeti Joy Tours.


Please note: if you travel to Tanzania you NEED to have a valid passport and a visa for this country.

You can get a visa at arrival in Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport and at the Kenyan/Tanzania border. This visa will cost you 50 US$ (pay cash). American citizens pay $100. You can also arrange a visa in your own country. Please contact the local embassy or consulate of Tanzania.

If you fly at Nairobi, Kenya, and take the shuttle bus to Tanzania, you need a transit-visa for Kenya too. You can buy this transit-visa at the border of Kenya and Tanzania or at the airport in Nairobi for 50 US$ (cash).

MONEY. Getting into Tanzania.

It depends on your own spending habits when determining how much money you should take with you during your stay in Tanzania. Around 20 US$ per day is enough for many people to buy souvenirs, drinks and tip.

In Tanzania they tend not to accept American Dollar bills from before 2001. Make sure you have the new bills.
With a credit card you can pay at the hotel in Moshi and get money from the ATMs in Moshi.
Tanzanian shillings are necessary if you wish to spend money on the streets and in local shops.