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Private day tours


Visit water falls, a local museum, eat local dishes, drink home brewed beer and coffee, just come for a great experience!

Come and visit Marangu village and enjoy Tanzania’s hospitality. Experience life on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and meet friendly coffee farmers. Private day tours. Private day tours.

There are colorful local markets in different location where you can see the real bananas. Private day tours. Private day tours.

Private day toursWATER FALLS

Enjoy and rest in the nature beauty and peace of this magnificent natural site. The music from the water falls and radiant colors of the valley transform our inner and outer environment.


Hot springs locally called “Chemka”, meaning “boiling”, this refers to the way in which the water appears to boil as it emerges from underground. In fact, the water is not hot, just a pleasant temperature! The springs are an extraordinary phenomenon, rushing up from underground in the middle of a parched and dusty landscape. . Also on clear day, you can get the gorgeous views of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Located within Sanya plain, a short drive off the main road between Arusha and the Moshi. A trip to the Kilimanjaro region is not complete without a visit with a picnic and a swim at Hot spring.

LAKE CHALA DAY TRIP. Private day tours.

Lake Chala is a beautiful crater lake on the eastern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on the border with Kenya. The lake is fed by groundwater flows, which come from Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a little known and new destination in Tanzania. It is only about an hour’s drive from Moshi, and is a lovely place to go for a picnic. Fit visitors can climb down the steep slopes to the water’s edge.


The walking starts from the starting point of Marangu route (1970m). Marangu is just an hour drive from Moshi Town to the Kilimanjaro Park Gate and a brisk three hours walk to Mandara Hut (2720 m). You will enjoy the walk through the mountain forest. The Mandara hut is situated on the high forest belt border just below the Maundi Crater. You will enjoy the moorland vegetation on the way to the crater where you can have a breath taking view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You will also be able to see many birds and the White and black Colobus Monkey. This 1-day tour includes a professional tour guide, park fees, transport to and from the base of the mountain, lunch and two bottles of water.

Day tours to Chemka Hot Spring

The day starts after breakfast in Arusha the drive 2 hours to Chemka Hot Spring where you will spend 3 hour swim in the warm water. After lunch drive back to Arusha where you day tour will end.

1 day to Lake Manyara national park.

You will departure from Arusha at 07: 00 am and drive to Lake Manyara national park for animal viewing, lunch will be served in picnic sites then drive back to Arusha where your tour will end.

1 day to Tarangire national park.

You will departure from Arusha with lunch boxes at 07: 00 am and drive to Tarangire national park for animal viewing around the tarangire river, late in the afternoon drive back to Arusha where your trip will end. Private day tours. Private day tours.

1 day to Ngorongoro conservation area and Ngorongoro crater. Private day tours. Private day tours.

The trips departure from Arusha with lunch boxes everyday morning and drive to Ngorongoro Crater for morning an afternoon animal viewing inside the crater floor, lunch will be served near the hippo pool drive back to Arusha where your trip will end.

TRADIONAL FOOD. Private day tours.

Enjoy a delicious, home – cooked meal in a Chagga house. Learn how to cook Chagga food especially cooked bananas. Or have a cup of home made coffee with our local people. Take a walk through Marangu coffee farms and visit a local home where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee in tradition way from beans to cup and then you will enjoy a delicious cup of Kilimanjaro coffee.
MARANGU MUSEUM. Private day tours.

The people on the Kilimanjaro are of the Chagga tribe and their culture and history can be explored by visiting the Chagga museum. Several exhibitions include a reconstruction of a thatched Chagga house with a complete livestock inside. The museum also has a display of traditional Chagga tools, farm equipments, rope made from trees, a genealogical look at the history of the Chagga, some drums and a ’bugle’ made of kudu horns.

One can also visit an underground cave which were used in the distant past to hide from tribal enemies.