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Trekking equipment

Trekking equipment on the mountain differ from one route to another, on Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro Marangu tour trekking you will be sleeping in simple mountain huts which are shared by climbers usually from different countries. The sleeping huts at every campsite are have comfortable beds and solar lights. The huts are communal, and the bunks have a sponge mattress and pillow. Bathrooms and running water are available at all huts.

All other routes on mount Kilimanjaro are camping routes and overnight accommodation will be in 2-man-tents equipped with sleeping mats. All meals will be served in a larger mess tent and camping tables and chairs are supplied by us. Trekking equipment. Trekking equipment.

Trekking equipment Kilimanjaro information

While mount Meru and Marangu route offer accommodation in huts other routes on Kilimanjaro including Machame, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira and Umbwe routes all climbers stay in mountain tents (tents are included) and meals are served in a dinner tent or on a blanket outside on the grounds if the weather is clear.

The equipment we use on camping routes on mount Kilimanjaro has to bear up the mug of contact to the aspect: excessive temperatures, snow and ice storms and prevailing sunlight. Good quality materials and regular maintenance of equipment are essential for constant safety and toughness and all apparatus are substituted and updated occasionally. Trekking equipment. Trekking equipment.

We only use the best brands such as VauDe product and mountain hardwear and yet, we adjust our equipment to meet our clients’ needs. The cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery are made of strong materials to stand firm with the tough necessities. The sleeping mat and the camping gear we use are made of strong but light materials to cut off weight that the porters carry on the mountain.

Trekking equipment. Trekking equipment.