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Trekking on Africa’s highest peaks has recently become popular life experience in travelling community. Mount Kilimanjaro trekking is an experience you will never forget. Come for trekking Kilimanjaro and change the way you look at the world, imagine going to bed in a tent just a piece of cloth between you and the blue skies spiced up by shining stars.


Trekking mount Kilimanjaro can be on any of the 5 Kilimanjaro established climbing routes and the trekking days vary from one route to another as per highlights below:

  • Lemosho route 7, 8 or 9 days– Our most popular route on mount Kilimanjaro
  • Machame route 6 or 7 days– Second popular and scenic route on the mountain
  • Marangu route 5 or 6 days– Popular route with comfort of beds – best for first climber
  • Rongai route 5 or 6 days– Shortest route to peak and offers views from every point
  • Umbwe route 6 or 7 days– Physical demanding, recommended for experienced
  • Northern breach route 8 or 9 days– requires safety harness and helmet
  • Shira route 6, 7 or 8 days– Also known as Lemosho route but starts at different point


Tanzania unlike western countries does not experience the severe of winder and summer times instead the country only gets dry and rain seasons since Tanzania is located in the Equator line. So it is possible to go trekking on any day of the year but warmest months of tend to be good time for trekking. December to March and from July to September – for the current weather on Kilimanjaro please visit this link http://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Kilimanjaro/forecasts/5963.

We have daily private group departures up Kilimanjaro and set dates group departures on joined groups. Our groups are limited to 18 people in each group accompanied by about 48 supporting mountain team. Please send us your request and let us know if you like to do it private or join in group.