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Vehicles & Repairs

Vehicles & Repairs of Serengeti Joy Tours’ safari jeeps are done in regular basis. At Serengeti Joy Tours, we own and maintain our own safari land cruisers, and we check each car after each safari before the next safari departure. The safari cars we use are Toyota land cruisers modified to popup roof for easy animal viewing. The safari vehicles we use on safaris are uniquely modified and converted Toyota Land cruisers to long chassis extensions to allow enough room for luggage and leg stretching while on safari. We have invested a lot for the comfort of individuals who book our African trips on the rough and bumpy roads offering fantastic views and giving our clients excellent chance for safe and uninterrupted shooting while on wildlife sightings.

Vehicles & Repairs

Trekking equipment. Vehicles & Repairs.

The equipment we use on camping Kilimanjaro routes has to bear up the mug of contact to the aspect: excessive temperatures, snow and ice storms and prevailing sunlight. Good quality materials and regular maintenance of equipment are essential for constant safety and toughness and all apparatus are substituted and updated occasionally. Vehicles & Repairs.

We only use the best brands such as VauDe product and mountain hardwear and yet, we adjust our equipment to meet our clients’ needs. The cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery are made of strong materials to stand firm with the tough necessities. The sleeping mat and the camping gear we use are made of strong but light materials to cut off weight that the porters carry on the mountain.

Camping Equipment. Vehicles & Repairs.

The camping equipment we use on Tanzania camping safaris our camping equipment is of higher quality, frequently checked and tuned-up. You will only have to bring soaps and fragrant. You will be staying in public campsites, located inside the parks or on private campsites located on the outer edge. The campsites in the parks are not fenced we only pitch the tents on the camping grounds and usually you may see elephants roaming between the tents or the antelopes knocking on your way to the washrooms.

Vehicles & Repairs. Vehicles & Repairs. Vehicles & Repairs.