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When to climb Kilimanjaro

When to climb Kilimanjaro: You can climb mount Kilimanjaro on any day of the year, however some months are best since you will have clear morning and evenings for visibility.

December, January, February and March are the warmest months of the year and all coincide with “summer”. During these months, you can hope for clear morning and evenings, with clouds building up during the day, surrounding the summit in the early afternoon hours. The predictable patterns of weather make it a best time to climb mount Kilimanjaro on these months.

When to climb Kilimanjaro

April and May is the primary rainy season and bring dense cloud formations over the mountain, reducing visibility and comfort. You can expect frequent snowstorms on the summit and heavy rains on the lower slopes during this time and can be strenuous to your body as the temperature turns to below zero.

Mid June to mid October is considered the long “dry” season which can get to be very cold at night. During this “winter” time, there is a persistent dripping belt of cloud around the whole mountain above the forests and scrub zones, leaving the summit and a few other distant peaks poking out the top. Above the cloud belt however, it is usually clear and dry, and can be one of the best time to plan a climb. In late October, the clouds finally give way to the small rain, and until early December the mountain is shrouded in heavy clouds again, with persistent showers from base to summit.

Therefore, we believe the best months to climb Mt Kilimanjaro are January, February, July, August and September (though Kilimanjaro can still be climbed throughout the year!).

Please note the above weather patterns are simply a guideline and cannot be guaranteed. When to climb Kilimanjaro.

The question of When to climb Kilimanjaro is simply answered, throughout the year.

When to climb Kilimanjaro. When to climb Kilimanjaro. When to climb Kilimanjaro.